Division 55, (ASAP) of the American Psychological Association (APA)
Sponsors CE's for psychologists and other metal health professionals with an interest in psychopharmacology

There are 66 New Mexico Licensed or Conditional Prescribing Psychologists located in  many areas of the state and all over the country providing quality services to some of most underserved populations including Native Americans and our Military.

An association dedicated to the education of psychologists interested in psychopharmacology, to the advocacy of  New Mexico Prescribing/Medical Psychologists, and to educating the general public.

Post Doctoral  Psychopharmacology Training for the Licensed Psychologist 

Advanced continuing education in psychopharmacology in NM for psychologists

​The Professional Association for New Mexico's Medical/Prescribing Psychologists

New Mexico State University

provides advanced training in psychopharmacology.  This program meets the requirements to become a licensed prescriber in New Mexico. Links to other programs are on the Important links page 

State Psychologist Association

Of New Mexico