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SPA Newsletter

Please click the PDF to view the 2023 Spring SPA Newsletter

SPA Board Updates & Announcements

Town Hall Meeting 3/14/24



  • Upcoming Elections

    • Nominations close 3/21/24

    • Voting 3/22-4/22/24

  • Discussion of SB127

  • Membership Fees

  • Subcommittee Development

  • Website

  • 2023 RXP Practice Survey

Membership Committee Updates

Interested in building membership? Want to be a mentor?

Do you have the drive to help with future conferences?

Reach out to your SPA Board or specifically Dr. King and Dr. Kapalka who are chairs of the Membership Committee to let them know you want to be involved!

Legislative Committee Updates


SB127 was passed in Feb. 2024, the Rules & Regulations are pending...


Highlights of the Bill include:

  • Prescribing Psychologists will stay under psychologist board, and the board would include two positions for prescribing psychologists

  • Supervising Clinician could include prescribing psychologists who have been independently licensed for at least 4 years

  • For the 100/400 practicum for RXP training (prior to conditional license), the trainee can be supervised by a licensed prescribing "clinician" instead of physician

  • Prescribing Psychologists can administer IM injectables with  appropriate training approved by the Medical Board

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