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Welcome to SPA the association for prescribing psychologists and those interested in the intersection of psychology and psychopharmacology!




There are 66 New Mexico Licensed or Conditional Prescribing Psychologists located in  many areas of the state and all over the country providing quality services to some of the most under-served populations including Native Americans and our Military.

How to become a prescribing psychologist in New Mexico?

          To become a prescribing psychologist in New Mexico, a licensed psychologist must complete a post-doctoral master degree in clinical psychopharmacology, pass the PEP (Psychopharmacology Examination for Psychologists), and complete a series of supervised experiences. Pursuing specialized education and training is crucial, as it allows psychologists to prescribe medications safely and effectively.

           The career outlook for prescribing psychologists in New Mexico is very strong, as there is an exponentially growing demand for mental health services and an increasing recognition of the importance of integrated care. With the ability to
offer both therapy and medication management, prescribing psychologists play a vital role in addressing mental health challenges. Prescribing psychologists often command very competitive salaries, especially in settings such as hospitals,
clinics, and private practices where their unique skill set is highly valued.

           This combination of professional fulfillment makes pursuing a career as a prescribing psychologist in New Mexico an attractive option for those passionate about mental health care.

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