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SPA Presenter Information

Interested in being a presenter? Complete the following and submit to the SPA CE chair via email.





Copy of CV:


Amount of Time Needed: Choose one     60-Minute          90-Minute               ___Other (justification needed)


Title of Submission: 


Please attach a 750 word or less abstract of your presentation proposal and please provide at least 2-3 contemporary peer reviewed articles.



Measurable and behavioral learning objectives:

1.       Objective #1

2.       Objective #2

3.       Objective #3  

4.       Objective #4  

5.       Objective #5  



Teaching Format (Check all that apply): 

__ Case illustrations/Examples 

___ Clinical or instructional exercise 

___ Demonstrations 

___ Group Exercises 

___ Lecture/Presentation 

___ Participant Instruction 

___ Role play/Rehearsal 

___ Question/Answer 

___ Video Clips 



*This information is needed in order to meet requirements for APA CEs.


From 2023-2024 send Submission to: 

Daubney Boland at Subject line “SPA Speaker Application” 

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